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Home tuition means a tuition teacher or private tutor coming to the home of the student to teach specific subjects. Students are free to choose the timings and the day they want for home tutoring sessions.

Every child is different and they differ in their learning and grasping ability. Some students learn and understand the concept very quickly, while some may require additional support and attention to help them study effectively and perform well in their exams.

Studies have shown that home tutoring comes out to be a great option for those students who are looking to achieve more marks in exam and keep pace with the upcoming assignments and tests. For this reason, many parents are now hiring private home tutor to assist their children in studies and unlock the door to self confidence and self learning.

 Provides Personalized attention: At school, there is a time limit and a teacher in a class is able to give only limited attention to each student. Due to which, your child may find it difficult to learn the subject or topic very clearly.However, in one-to-one private home tutoring, your child will get more personalized attention from the tutor and he/she will be able to understand the concept more clearly and focus more on the specific subject areas or topics.


Improved performance: If your child is weak in any particular subject or topic, with home tuition, he/she can give additional time and concentrate more on that subject or topic. A home tutor will help improve your child’s concentration and improve the overall academic performance. One-to-one home teaching with qualified home tutor will also help analyze areas that need extra efforts and bring your child up to speed.

So, such a student may fail to catch the eye of the teacher. In such cases, private tuition may be helpful. The Pupil may not only be taught, but also made to work at exercises which they would normally avoid in class.

What Our Students Says


I’ll try to keep it short, however (Deepesh Sir) is one the best tutors that I’ve encountered. before him , I was struggling so much in math as it’s my weakest subject. One day I found him, and it changed my life forever. He was patient and extremely professional at all times. He sit downs and teaches the subject one on one until I learned it. He helped me reach advance mathematics since I started with remediation. He will change your life. I owe my success to him.
“My Experience with Instant Home Tutor is, Great Institute with Great Team.”
Thank You Deepesh Sir

Mohammad Saffi Ullah

I really feel great to write here. Apart from the fathomless knowledge you have in your field ,the amount of enthusiasm you show in teaching coupled with innovative methods ,is wonderful, unbeatable and remarkable as well. Thank you for all the tireless efforts you made to make microbiology easy to understand and memories. You’ve made studying the subject a fruitful, unforgettable and comprehensive experience. Amidst the pandemic you delivered your best to us even though you were so busy with covid testing. Your presence in the class always carries positive vibes and motivations.


An amazing teacher is like you, hard to find and impossible to forget. Your classes are just so inspirational! You have inspired us all to be a good human beings, to be nature lovers. The thing that has inspired me most, is your dedication towards nature. Whatever the situation was, you never let your principles of honesty and punctuality fade away. You were always there for us, whenever we needed you. Even during pandemics, when you were so busy, you never skipped online classes. You never left us on our own and stood with us. Thank you for being the best teacher a student could ever hope for.

Aadity Ary

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